Onchain Media Enthusiast — We've come a long way, baby
Onchain Media Enthusiast
Since the dawn of the writable web, we've inscribed our identities onto the digital canvas of the internet. Through websites, blogs, and social networks, our user-generated media not only shaped the vast expanse of the digital realm, it brought it to life.

Our media has – and always will – make the internet valuable.

Yet in this age of ubiquitous internet, the original incentive alignment between platform and user deteriorated into a unidirectional capture. Traditional social media platforms extract our contributions and commodify our digital presence. All the while maintaining ownership of our media and our social graphs.

But no more.

Enter onchain media. For the first time in internet history, we can truly own our creative value and social connections. We, the optimistic onchain media enthusiasts, who create and collect media onchain.

We mint onchain media to amplify the scene, to build cool shit with our friends, to remix the meme, to curate our digital persona. We mint to become who we aspire.

Engrave your media onchain.
Create it, collect it, champion it.

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